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September 21 2017



me @ my skin : get ur shit together

my skin @ me : you first

September 20 2017

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Mornings like these, Oregon Coast.

Urgent: The GOP is close to destroying the ACA and Medicaid


The GOP is trying to repeal the ACA and cut Medicaid again. They almost have the votes to do it. We have the chance to stop them from getting the votes, if we act *right now*. We need to put overwhelming pressure on every senator to vote no.

Their current attempt to take away our health care is called “Graham-Cassidy”. It’s important to tell our elected officials to vote *against* Graham-Cassidy. The Autistic Self Advocacy Network has more information about what’s going on, and how to contact your representatives. This is the script they suggest using for phone calls and emails (They also have suggestions for what to do if you can’t make calls):

My name is [your name], and I live in [your town]. I’m [calling/writing] to ask Senator [Name] to vote NO on the Graham-Cassidy bill, or any other bills that would repeal the Affordable Care Act, cut Medicaid funding and leave millions of people with no health insurance. The people of [your state] are still watching, and our health care is just as important to us now as it was in July. We’re counting on you to do the right thing and save our health care. Please vote NO on Graham-Cassidy.

It’s also worth contacting your state governor. They can’t vote on the bill, but they *can* put pressure on senators to vote against it. Senators sometimes listen to governors about what’s right for their state. You can find your state governor’s contact information here.

September 19 2017

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It’s been there for weeks, and then this morning by the fountain… I’ve never done anything like that before. And I was so angry with you, and with myself.

September 17 2017

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wedding gowns by Stella De Libero

September 16 2017


Y'all gotta stop “educating” people with a tone that implies they’re stupid for not knowing the shit already. Condescending asses.

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Okay? Okay.

September 14 2017

All of us as women have a friend, or a relative, or have gone through [some kind of abuse] ourselves. There are all of these playful sort of comments on Big Little Lies about women’s manipulation or women’s dirty secrets, but in fact the biggest little lie is how we carry shame about what men have done. We have to learn to use our voice to protect ourself and each other, because there is no shame in what another person has done to us, and it’s time to defend ourselves and demand to be treated with respect. That’s such a profound thought—I just felt privileged to be a part of that story.
— Laura Dern
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nyc, july 31

September 13 2017


*looks in a mirror* you again

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It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus!

@polkadotsvstripes tagged me to post ten songs i’m vibing to and tag ten people so here we go~

1. pure feeling - florence + the machine

2. hopeless - halsey ft. cashmere cat

3. heroin - lana del rey

4. listen - wintersleep

5. redbone - childish gambino

6. realiti - grimes

7. i only wanna talk to you - the maine

8. gravel to tempo - hayley kiyoko

9. running with the wolves - aurora

10. fake happy - paramore

i don’t think i have ten people to tag so let’s go with three: @cornettos, @whizzpoppy & @kaikamahine :)

September 12 2017

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More Fox and the Hound redesign for fun.

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September 11 2017

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FRINGE SEPTEMBER ~ 30 Fringe episodes according to you
⚘ 29-30. Dream Logic (2x05) [BETRAY]

“The problems I have, I can handle.”


ao3: and they were roommates
me, opening the fic up: Oh My God They Were Roommates

September 10 2017

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