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June 27 2017

Save the ACA:  Sprint Within a Marathon Edition




Everything that was true last week about the Senate’s Repeal-and-Replace effort is still true this week. But now we have more (and more alarming) information:

  • The Senate has no intention of making the bill public, and has put measures in place to ensure it hits the floor for a vote before any public testimony, hearings, or awareness of it can be rallied.
  • Breaking with precedent, the Senate has banned filming of hallway interviews with Senators. They now require previously granted permission from a Senator AND the Rules Committee of Senate. This makes Senators less visible and less accountable.

ACTION ITEMS remain the same:

1) CALL EVERY SINGLE DAY. Here’s the Capitol switchboard #:  (202) 224-3121. Find numbers for your reps’ state offices here.  If you have Dem Senators you know will vote against it, encourage them to withhold consent or filibuster unless the bill is made public. (Great guide on this from INDIVISIBLE.)

2) ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO CALL. Indivisible has created a tool that makes it easy as heck to reach out to Facebook friends who are in key (swing vote) states. If you’re not on Facebook, tap that email list. No time to be shy–you’ve got friends out there who just need a little nudge/encouragement/empowerment. 

3) WRITE a Letter to the Editor. Pen a message and send it to your local paper. Media isn’t doing its job covering this incredibly important issue, leaving room for citizens to step in.

4) SHOW UP. Be a body on the ground at your Senator’s district offices (find those offices here and find others to team up with here). Be loud. Be quiet but present. Be whatever you are, but be in that space, demanding accountability. Congress works for us.

5) Take to social media and demand the Senate #ShowUsTheBill … but don’t JUST take to social media; that won’t get ‘er done.

HELLO. GOOD MORNING, AMERICANS. Do you feel tired and bad about everything? God, me too! The only thing, I find, that helps me feel less tired and bad is to take a small action toward making the world less awful. Let’s all take 5 minutes – say right before lunch? – and call our elected representatives. The Indivisible Guide above is extremely good and useful. 

June 26 2017

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Holy shit wtf how are people just ignoring this?! This is a REAL PICTURE of an EXTRA TERRESTRIAL

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I wish I could follow the moon through you
And hear pebbles rattling in your depth
Like thousands of birds in trees.
— Badr Shakir al-Sayyab, excerpt of The River and Death (tr. by Abdullah al-Udhari)

June 25 2017

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@guardianfashion Tomorrow @obsmagazine are hanging out with @louist91. Pick up a copy of The Observer to read the interview and see the exclusive photo shoot.
Photographer: @alexbramall, Styling: @helenseamons, Hair: @louteasdale, Styling assistant: @bemishaw. #louistomlinson
#onedirection #observermagazine#theobserver

June 23 2017




you can make nearly any object into a good insult if you put ‘you absolute’ in front of it

example: you absolute coat hanger

as well u can just add ‘ed’ to any object and it’s sounds like you were really drunk

example: i was absolutely coat hangered last night

#i was gazeboed mate #i was absolutely baubled

June 21 2017

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If no one else will defend the world, then I must.

I think it’s just the day to day craziness. It was very, just, like, fun all the time, you know. For instance, at awkward interviews or whatever, like, they were our favorite interviews. So if it was going south, we would make sure it went further south.
Niall on what he misses most about being in the group - etalk [06.18.17]
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who else is fucking crying in public bc of the even clip

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Happy Birthday, Isak Valtersen!

June 20 2017

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no offense but i want every little kid to be safe and have a good childhood

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chris 10.57

June 19 2017

You can sleep now, you said. You can sleep now. You said that.
I had a dream where you said that. Thanks for saying that.
You weren’t supposed to.
— Richard Siken // Straw house, Straw dog
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The stunning Rosette Nebula imaged by the National Optical Astronomy Observatory

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I know I’m going crazy on the Charlie pictures but LOOK AT HER OMG

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why feel bad when u can just be emotionally detached????!

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You’re a good person.


yousef: society would be split even without religion-

jonas, emerging from the ocean with poignant eyebrows: THAT’S RIGHT…TOGETHER WE MUST ABOLISH THE CLASS SYSTEM !!!!

yousef & sana: what the f-

jonas, descending back into the ocean: HAVE A NICE DATE COMRADES !!!!!! 

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